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GroupDescriptionBlog TitleExamples
IntroductionBlog Introduction / About the site#1 Welcome (first things first) 
 N1 and the Eclipse IDE – Understanding your sand box (What’s a workspace?)We’re off to see the IzzarDE 
NaturalONE – Editing, ImportingHow do I stow? How do I save? How do I force it to stow (update)? How to unlock mainframe objectsAdd NaturalONE basics to my todo list 
 Edit techniques (Direct on mf, Projects – to existing / Create new = Private library, main library, dev library)  
 Editing in private mode and private librariesMirror mirror… 
 Projects and their role in N1  
 Versioning your code / SVN (Subversion Repository) + GIT (Github…)I’ve got a bad feeling about this… 
 Importing Data Fields  
 DDM Editing  
 Working Sets, Filters  
 Checking Natural Errors quickly
(using command prompt with a mainframe mapping or is there a better way): ? (errorNo)
I can’t deal with all these problems in the world! 
 Natural One / Eclipse Shortcut keys (plus editing text in eclipse, eg Highlight and hold alt+up)  
NaturalONE – Time for executionExecuting, Debugging in N1  
 How to Execute or Debug in ‘Batch, JCL, Online’ (by mimic in Natural using N1)  
NaturalONE – Deploy, Fire all missilesAnt Deploys / N2O deploys (+ Open Source) – Environment Migration (and the CI Pipeline)
 (Deploying – Dev / MF – Ant Script, N2O, Sysobj, copy and paste)
The Grand parade of lifeless packaging 
 XeNat for modern web N2O deploy  
NaturalONE – Setup, preferences and configNatural Preferences, searching and setting key preferences + Saving specific config (10.1?)  
 Creating and updating an IMAGE for generic install – (see conf page)  
 Initial Workspace Setup – Developer Startup (Installing Basic Software for TRIPS/Mainframe Interaction)  
 Label References – Replace line number references with labels, Print Margin, Line numbers explained  
 Instant searching (all code versioned), Find/Replace ALL, Code Trawling (ctrl+click)  
 Creating a dark theme for natural one  
 My NaturalONE is broken: Removing errors – Natural Error Messages  
 Common problems: Handling of missing objects Read from server
– Ensure Runtime is pointing to a valid server for the pull in the project properties for Natural
 Upgrading Natural One  
NaturalONE – Cool new tools and Add-ons (Some rare moon event mentioned…)Reading natural builder logs Reading Natural One Server Interaction Logs  
 Generating services (java) Service Development (Exposing Natural Subprograms as REST Services)  
 Compare with… (local history, git version, base library on server)  
 Bookmarks, TODO and FIXME indicators + Making your own bookmark/tasks type indicators (Task Tags!)  
 Unit testing – RPC Testing, Writing Test CasesDon’t test me, you’re testing my patience 
Natural – Simple language… right?Code standards, conventions, best practice and ageless debate#2 (IF #Standards = true AND #Good-practice = false) THEN Software Conventions := ‘Virtual’? #EX1 – Natural, Adabas and JCL Code Conventions
 Use Natural to Consume REST API (XML=ON) – Request Document  
 Optional parameters – IS SUPPLIED  
 Dynamic parameters in service architecture  
Devops – Incorporating into your work landscapeLinking JIRA, BITBUCKET, CONFLUENCE – Participants will link Git, Jira and confluence content, contribute documentation.Never break the chain 
 Git and versioning code – Natural Code / Mainframe?, Branching, Pull and Push Requests.  
 CI pipeline structure  
 NatStyle and SonarQube for NaturalONE – Quality check  
Automation, incorporating coverage, quality assurance, agile development and deploymentThe Grand parade of lifeless packaging (Part two)
 International User ConferenceInternational User group conference summary 2020#3 – IUG International (Virtual) User Conference 2020 – “Docker, Docker, give me the news….”#EX2 – Z/OS Explorer Plugin (NaturalONE / Eclipse)