#EX2 – Z/OS Explorer Plugin (NaturalONE / Eclipse)

Add z/OS Explorer (File Viewer + Job Submit) to Eclipse (or NaturalONE)

This plugin used primarily to view Datasets, JCL, Job Output and other information normally only accessible via Mainframe emulator.

Prerequisite: Either a standard Eclipse install (or NaturalONE) will be required to install the plugin.

Step-by-step guide

1) IGNORE STEPS 2 & 3 FOLLOWING, The download can be accessed via here to save network resources: S:\Trips\Plugins\zOs Explorer – Copy aqua.27.update.site-20200421 into the folder described in step 4.

2) You will need to download the latest from the link provided → https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS4SVW_3.0.0/installing/install_explorer.html

3) Current setup, how to download the plugin files, https://developer.ibm.com/mainframe/products/downloads/eclipse-tools/ – see IBM Download

4) Save the plugin image to your C:\Temp\Software folder for local install (create a Temp dir in your C:/ drive if not there already). 

5) In your Eclipse/NaturalONE Go to Help… Install New Software

6) Select Add… Select Archive… Select the file you saved: … Location should fill, Select Add..

7) Select IBM Explorer for z/OS and IBM File Manager… Select Next

8) Unfortunately, I already installed, but it should run through all approvals, requirements etc. Approve all and install. (If you are following this guide- perhaps you could add some screenshots / advice for the next person to use it)

9) After Eclipse/NaturalONE restart – Go to Window… Perspective… Open Perspective… Other… and Select z/Os from the list

10) You now have to create a connection to your z/OS (i’m assuming it isn’t installed locally, or in your bedroom here).

When you are in the z/OS perspective, select the Host Connections tab and select z/OS FTP… select Add..

11) You need to specify a FTP connection, You only need to fill in the host name: mvsimda (dev), mvsimpa (prod). Click Save and close (or connect… it will bring up a user prompt – step 12)

12) You now need to specify the logon credentials for your connection (Mainframe Logon and Mainframe Password)

13) Now the connection and user credentials are setup, select the FTP connection and click connect

14) Congrats, it’s connected


Datasets and JCL Members

Accessing and Editing

You will see a couple of things. 

Qualifier limits the view of datasets / jcl members (much like pdsman).

by default, it will be in your userId. Change it to something familiar (eg DCOP.DEV.

To view a member, double click it or right click and open.

If a member is ‘migrated’, right click it and select ‘recall’ – wait to recall and then you can open.

You can edit the member and save it (if you have access). There are other features to add datasets too etc. You’ll get the hang of it.


Right click, create new dataset here…

Batch Jobs and Output


Find your job, right click it, Submit z/OS Job

A confirm prompt will appear. Go nuts.

Job output will display in console

You can also see previously run jobs in the ‘Jobs’ view (bottom left in the default perspective)

Double click for handy review

I’m still looking for ways to change Job Name… let me know if you find a way.

– Curses foiled again by IBM

More Information

I guess you could follow a handier guide then everything I’ve written above, the choice is yours…


Navigating the IBM Eclipse Tools Download site for plugin download