Trentan Healey – All formal lookin’

Hi there, I am…

Mr Natural One

The intention of this site is to improve the collaboration in the Adabas, Natural & Software AG community.

By sharing and discussing different points (and points of view), we can all realise better use of existing technologies, encourage new starts (+ old starts to new tech) and enable effective communication through jovial discussions.

While focusing somewhat of the hybrid between Mainframe, Mid-range and Cloud “lands”, content will vary (along with forms of sanity) so buckle in for the ride!

Feel free to contribute & question everything and ultimately grow as a developer, analyst and innovator.

But seriously…. About me personally:
I have over 13 years experience with Natural, Adabas and other forms of technology (which sometimes get aggressively repulsed in mainframe speak!). I have presented three times are the Annual Software AG International User Groups, Sydney & Melbourne Software Ag Innovation Tour and conducted an ACS Masterclass Workshop.

I am passionate about the services I develop and the people I impact: users, clients and the rest of the light side. With my work/life balance, I consistently: consolidate, proliferate, renovate, guesstimate, heck even procrastinate!. I pride myself in striving to achieve and thinking outside the box.

I’m an avid Lawn bowler (Australian Champion), gardener, singer and sometimes dancer.

I appreciate all the years that have gone before me and regularly seek the wisdom of those who have trodden their throes of life, perhaps why I gravitate to the Mainframe community. One of my favourite quotes (by one of my favourite) on closing:

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”
– Warren Buffett